Monday, December 3, 2007

Enter the Dragon Thimble

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Norway in the year 1893. My Great Grandmother, Anna Neurlie was confirmed as a Lutheran - a big event for Christian youth. As a gift, she was given a silver and carnelian thimble engraved with a two-headed dragon.
The thimble was passed to my grandmother Agnes who doubtless, used it often in creating her amazing lacework and embroidery as a girl in Madagascar. Then it was given to my mother, who was more interested in poetry and big interior decorating projects.
As a young girl, I used to sneak into my mother's dresser and take it out of it's velvet lined cardboard box to play with. Imagine my surprise when she presented it to me, soldered to a silver chain, upon my high school graduation. My mother thought that gifts of labor shouldn't be given to women, so she turned it into a necklace.
I wore the dragon often, until the chain broke - now I use it as a thimble.