Friday, January 11, 2008

Dishcloth Swap

There are three reasons why I NEED a dishcloth swap.
#1 to motivate me to finish the dishcloths I've started.
#2 I would really like to have a dishcloth made by someone else to brighten up dishwashing sessions.
#3 Because I need some content for my post since I have no other knitting content this week!

So here's my questionaire:
1. Do you knit, crochet, or do both? Knit
2. What types of needles do you enjoy using for making dishcloths? Straight or circular bamboo
3. What types of cotton do you enjoy using for making dishcloths? Peaches and Cream
Is there any that you've been wanting to try? Organic
4. What color(s) are your kitchen and bath decorated in (if any)? coral and blue green and white respectively.
5. What are your favorite colors for yarns? I like em all!
Do you like Winter, or do you count the days until it ends? Winter is my favorite season!
7. What's your favorite way to brighten your day when you're down in the dumps? Take my sons to the park
8. What is your favorite treat to indulge in when you're down in the dumps? Hot Chocolate
9. Do you drink coffee? Tea? Cocoa? All
10. If you could take a vacation starting tomorrow and go anywhere for one week and money were no object, where would you go and what would you do? I would go on a Scandinavian Knitting Adventure
11. Do you have any allergies or aversions your pal should be aware of? Nope.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Onward and upward! needle goals for first quarter of 2008!

Okay, here goes:
To finish:
1. first dishcloth (almost argyle)
2. Zaahir's sweater
3. Ahmad's sweater
4. Boys room curtains
5. Kitchen curtains
6. potholders
7. Preemie hats for donations

To make:
8. Fingerless mitts for me (from swap yarn)
9. Fingerless mitts from Last Minuted Knitted Gifts for a special someone whose name cannot yet be revealed (from some cool burgundy tweed yarn)
10. Organic cotton bolero jackets for new babies from One Skein
11. Living room curtains
12. Stuffed toys from Last Minuted Knitted Gifts (Yes, I am a Purl.Soho groupie)

Lest I get too lofty, I am going to stop there. We'll see where I am by the end of January.

Current projects and a kickin' swap package!

Well I'm back - to work, to a schedule (Thank God) and to a computer. Women who work at home know that it is so much MORE work to stay at home than to go to work! I for one am relieved to be back to teaching.

Current projects: I am excited to be working on some much needed potholders (okay, excited might be a stretch, but the fabric IS really cool!); and I have also cut curtains for the boys' bedroom from some purl.soho fabric. I also ordered some more, plus the winter issue of Selvedge with a Scandinavian theme - can't wait! Finally, Zaahir's sweater is still on the needles, as are the preemie hats that my knitting club is working on.

This weekend I got an inspiration for my knitting club - they are a wiggly bunch of 6th-9th graders who can barely focus for demos. So I thought we could start a sampler scarf and do a few rows of a new stitch every week for the first half hour, then work on our current projects for the next half hour - we'll see how it goes!

Speaking of current projects, My Winter wonderland coffee swap partner ( some awesome yarn which I can't wait to transform into fingerless mitts! Here are some pics of what she sent:

Yummy biscotti (good thing I took the picture before opening the bag!) Hot chocolate with amaretto (Super yum!) and 2 pounds of coffee!!!

Plus a lovely snowflake mug...

and saving the yummiest for last

100% merino yarn in pretty blues and greens! Thank you, Thank you for making my first swap super cool!