Monday, January 7, 2008

Current projects and a kickin' swap package!

Well I'm back - to work, to a schedule (Thank God) and to a computer. Women who work at home know that it is so much MORE work to stay at home than to go to work! I for one am relieved to be back to teaching.

Current projects: I am excited to be working on some much needed potholders (okay, excited might be a stretch, but the fabric IS really cool!); and I have also cut curtains for the boys' bedroom from some purl.soho fabric. I also ordered some more, plus the winter issue of Selvedge with a Scandinavian theme - can't wait! Finally, Zaahir's sweater is still on the needles, as are the preemie hats that my knitting club is working on.

This weekend I got an inspiration for my knitting club - they are a wiggly bunch of 6th-9th graders who can barely focus for demos. So I thought we could start a sampler scarf and do a few rows of a new stitch every week for the first half hour, then work on our current projects for the next half hour - we'll see how it goes!

Speaking of current projects, My Winter wonderland coffee swap partner ( some awesome yarn which I can't wait to transform into fingerless mitts! Here are some pics of what she sent:

Yummy biscotti (good thing I took the picture before opening the bag!) Hot chocolate with amaretto (Super yum!) and 2 pounds of coffee!!!

Plus a lovely snowflake mug...

and saving the yummiest for last

100% merino yarn in pretty blues and greens! Thank you, Thank you for making my first swap super cool!

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