Friday, January 11, 2008

Dishcloth Swap

There are three reasons why I NEED a dishcloth swap.
#1 to motivate me to finish the dishcloths I've started.
#2 I would really like to have a dishcloth made by someone else to brighten up dishwashing sessions.
#3 Because I need some content for my post since I have no other knitting content this week!

So here's my questionaire:
1. Do you knit, crochet, or do both? Knit
2. What types of needles do you enjoy using for making dishcloths? Straight or circular bamboo
3. What types of cotton do you enjoy using for making dishcloths? Peaches and Cream
Is there any that you've been wanting to try? Organic
4. What color(s) are your kitchen and bath decorated in (if any)? coral and blue green and white respectively.
5. What are your favorite colors for yarns? I like em all!
Do you like Winter, or do you count the days until it ends? Winter is my favorite season!
7. What's your favorite way to brighten your day when you're down in the dumps? Take my sons to the park
8. What is your favorite treat to indulge in when you're down in the dumps? Hot Chocolate
9. Do you drink coffee? Tea? Cocoa? All
10. If you could take a vacation starting tomorrow and go anywhere for one week and money were no object, where would you go and what would you do? I would go on a Scandinavian Knitting Adventure
11. Do you have any allergies or aversions your pal should be aware of? Nope.

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Secret said...

Hi! I'm looking forward to sending you some goodies in the dishcloth swap! Have a good week, your secret swapper