Friday, February 29, 2008

Fo's - mine and others

I am so excited that yesterday in my knitting class, two of the girls came with finished baby hats for our preemie hat donation project. I will post pics next week. My FO's for the month are the dishcloths for my pal - that was all I had time for. I loved working on them because I learned a couple of new stitches and because I love to make gifts. I accidently erased the pic of the butterfly dishcloth that I made for my pal, so I'll have to pick it up when she posts it on her site. Here's a pic of the simple dishcloth I made for her in blues and purples:
In March I hope to finish:
A preemie hat
Zaahir's sweater
a sweater for Molly
Zaahir's curtain
Zaahir's snake scarf
improv mitts - These might get put off til later since the weather is already getting warmer!

Happy (almost) spring!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Itty Bitty FO (a balerina dress for Molly the Dolly)

Okay - I finished something! I wanted to practice using #0 double pointed needles, which I bought in bamboo for making baby socks. But guess what? I snapped one of them in two while doing increases for the ruffle. I had to switch to #3's. In the future, any needle under #3 will be metal. So here's Molly sporting her tutu:

I think she needs a crown next so she can play Sugar Plum Fairy!

Last night I was working on this:
I know, it looks like a mess. But don't be fooled - it's actually the One Skein petal bib in progress! I have five friends who just had babies, so I'm a knittin fool right about now.

No. I have no FO’s. I have several AFO’s (almost finished objects), however. Don't we all!!?
Take a look:

This is the progress on the top down sweater for Zaahir. I love this pattern!

And this is the first almost finished Improvised Mitt:

I wanted to make some fingerless mitts, and to play around with color work before committing to a big project. So I just used what I had around. But now I have to get some more yarn before I can do the second one because my students absconded the rest of the teal wool!
So I can’t check anything off my list yet. Arghhhh! But I’m having fun.