Monday, February 11, 2008

Itty Bitty FO (a balerina dress for Molly the Dolly)

Okay - I finished something! I wanted to practice using #0 double pointed needles, which I bought in bamboo for making baby socks. But guess what? I snapped one of them in two while doing increases for the ruffle. I had to switch to #3's. In the future, any needle under #3 will be metal. So here's Molly sporting her tutu:

I think she needs a crown next so she can play Sugar Plum Fairy!

Last night I was working on this:
I know, it looks like a mess. But don't be fooled - it's actually the One Skein petal bib in progress! I have five friends who just had babies, so I'm a knittin fool right about now.

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Dorothy said...

I LOVE the doll's dress - it's so cute!