Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Doldrums Defeated!

Well it's gettin' pretty warm out hear in Cali, but nothing warms the heart like a lovely, thoughtful swap package! Alissa sent me the most beautiful, yummy package ever! Everything was wrapped in sweet little gift bags and tagged with cute notes. Take a look:
First up, the eatables: TWO dark chocolate bars, some raspberry tea (DE-licious!), and a packet of minestrone soup which I will save for a day when the boys and I are alone because I know they will love it. (I am selfishly saving the chocolate for a day when I'M alone - it's okay, kids don't like dark chocolate).

Next, the toys: My son LOVES playdo, so it was fun to discover two containers of playdo in a cute little bag. For me she sent Loopy Ewe Needle inventories and some yarn samples, plus some olive oil soap and some SOAK!

The Yarn: 4, yes FOUR skeins of yarn -

3 skeins of cotton - one organic (hurray!), and one skein of a cotton blend in my favorite color green .

Finally, the piece de resistance - a beautiful flower-shaped cloth which I do not intend to use for dishes! Too pretty - I'll be using it on my face with the olive oil soap!
Thank you, Alissa, Thank you!

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yarnlibrarian said...

Glad you are enjoying it!