Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Children (Crazy Teenagers!) are the future.

Yesterday I took my 8th graders on a field trip to Sacramento - 3 hours on a train there and 3 back. They were perfectly well behaved during the tour of the Capitol, and wandering around Old Sacramento - until they discovered the candy stores...when we got back on the train they were sugar crazy!!!

Thankfully we survived and I returned them all to their parents safe and sound. This morning they were drowsy, but excited about what they had learned about the capitol, about each other, and themselves. Nothing like a field trip to build community! That's what I love about being a teacher - helping students make real-world connections and experiencing history rather than just reading about it.

Where can we go next year? I'm already dreaming about a D.C. trip... or maybe Mecca? I wish I were Miss Frizzle with a Magic School Bus!

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