Tuesday, April 8, 2008

End of quarter update

I chose to ignore the end of March, because I didn't finish my list! But I did complete several projects. Here's my original list of goals for first quarter 2008, and an update:
To finish:
1. first dishcloth - done - I have made 2 more since then.
2. Zaahir's sweater - hibernating
3. Ahmad's sweater - frogged
4. Boys room curtains - to finish by April 20th
5. Kitchen curtains - to finish by April 20th
6. potholders - to finish by April 20th
7. Preemie hats for donations (so far my group has completed 3 with a goal of 10) - to finish by end of May

To make:
8. Fingerless mitts for me (from swap yarn) - next fall
9. Fingerless mitts from Last Minuted Knitted Gifts for a special someone whose name cannot yet be revealed (from some cool burgundy tweed yarn) - next fall
10. Organic cotton bolero jackets for new babies from One Skein - 1 done, another started - deadline for 2nd = April 18th
11. Living room curtains - no fabric yet
12. Stuffed toys from Last Minuted Knitted Gifts (my students are really excited about this project, so I'll be working on the rabbit over spring break. - to finish by April 23rd)

I also finished snake scarf, club banner, and doll dress.

New list:
Swap partner presents - two projects - to finish before May 5th.
presents for cousins - to finish before end of May.

In June I'll go back to the sweaters for Zaahir and Ahmad. I am thinking that I want to make a sweater vest for Ahmad with an argyle deatail and a scottie dog.

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