Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Skinny and Fat

First the skinny - I LOVE Blue sky alpacas skinny dyed yarn! I didn't at first:

What a mess, right? But I wound the brown skein and started knitting wedding washcloths last night. The stitches are so beautiful and smooth. I see a nice long table runner in skinny cotton in my future.

Now the FAT - not ME, I've been exercising! I mean the "seafoam" fat quarters I got from I started planning some napkins and a table runner, and I have seen many examples with two layers of fabric. But I am thinking that the napkins will be hard to iron if the 2 fabrics are not tacked together. I might make them one layer with bias binding. I would love some tips from anyone with experience in this area.

Now for a FO:

This is the neckwarmer I sent my mom - the yarn is really pretty and warm but light - perfect for the "Summer in San Francisco"!

Love you Mom!

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