Monday, June 9, 2008

I love Kayaking!

Who knew? Okay, considering I like any opportunity to play outside, it was a pretty safe bet. I thought I might be awkward or flip over, but it was fantastic - I wish I could kayak every day! But not necessarily under the same circumstances:

The day started out at 7am at the train station with high adreniline as one child after another arrived and asked, "I forgot my waiver, can I still go?" One by one they called parents who came back to sign forms as each minute brought the train closer to us - we couldn't miss this train - it would throw the whole schedule off. Once on the train with all but one student who would meet us in San Francisco, I could breathe easier. Sleepy teenagers who aren't sugared up yet are pretty docile.

In San Francisco we waited, and waited, and waited and missed our bus and waited some more - the student who was suposed to meet us at 8:45 finally arrived at 9:15 - the time we were already supposed to be at the ferry dock - AHHHHHH!

We got off the bus at 9:40 - five minutes before the ferry was supposed to leave and I still had to pick up the tickets! I jumped off the bus and told the chaperones to RUN!!! with the kids to the ferry - if we missed this one we would be late for the kayaking class and might not even get to go! As the kids jammed down the street and I headed for the ticket booth, all I could think was, "I'm glad I don't teach first grade!"

The people in line were kind enough to let me go ahead of them and I asked the ticket lady to call over to the ferry. Each of the 22 tickets, of course, printed slowly, one - at - a - time! Then I ran faster than ever over to the ferry dock. The students cheered! The rest of the day was fantastic because I decided that on their last field trip it was okay that they threw wet sand at each other, and that some of the girls went hiking instead of kayaking, and that they all ate too much sugar and caffeine. They had a blast, and at the end of the day, they were so happy and tired, that the train ride home was peaceful too.

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Casey said...

That sounds like a crazy day! Fun, but the getting there would have given me a heart attack, I think. I'm glad you all made it.

You have a nice blog!