Thursday, December 15, 2016

How to avoid buying clothes!

Last week I received my first pay check in 18 months.  After paying bills, I had about $200 to spend on some much needed basics.  I started with some socks and underwear from PACT, which sells organic cotton, fair trade clothes - can't do better than that, right?

Then I browsed a few websites and found that I could buy a skirt and two blouses with the money I had left over.  But I could either buy organic cotton, fair trade clothes in styles that I knew I wouldn't like, or compromise on one of those two attributes.

I decided instead to update my wardrobe by mending and dyeing. I replaced the zippers in two skirts that had been languishing in my closet, in one case with a zipper from a worn-out pair of jeans from my son.  Next, I ordered some natural dyes from A Verb for Keeping Warm, which I will use to brighten up my two favorite fair trade shirts that I have been wearing for at least 5 years.

Thus, I am not compromising my commitment (made in my previous post), and I am using resources within my fibershed.

Thinking about what we are wearing and who has made our clothes, as well as taking care of what we have is so much more satisfying than throwing out the old and continuing to buy slave-made clothes made from poisonous fabric.  I can't knit fast enough to make all my own socks though - maybe that is a goal for the future.